Shillong noon teer common number | AF Teer

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Direct House Ending
89/47 1 4
Direct House Ending
53 7 0

How Common number is helpful:

Common number give you House, ending and direct number, it dozen give you the perfect number, but it give a kind of help to measure out the result or give you some idea to play the shillong noon teer.


Banking and insurance 


“The bank is in your hand, online banking is that you can pay bills super-fast, and your account is automatically credited or debited for each deposit and payment, making it easiest way of transaction.”

During the post nationalization era there was a great changes in the banking sector. Private banking got the new milestone to push there work. The introduction of ATM machines are of great help to the people but there are different types of ATM Card  for national and international use,  as they can make transactions from anywhere across the country. The next change in the field of banking was mobile banking , as i said before mobile is in your hand, that updates the clients through the SMS facility. The banking sector is one of the greatest sector that can bring a big change and a revolution in the life style of India. 





It’s roots long back in the year 1818 the insurance sector is growing swiftly and is at pace with the other competitive sectors that increase the economy. Apart from LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) there are different private organizations like PNB MetLife and the banking sector too is combined with the insurance sector. It helps people during their troubled times and provide them money that were invested by them in policies. A short time ago Apollo Munich had filled a diabetic cover policy with the IRDA. In order to be talented a lot of manpower is required thus bringing into more number of vacancies.


Which is better banking or insurance?

However Banking is more  necessary  than insurance. Insurance gets tie-up business banks. … Because most of jobs in Insurance zone  are based on sales target. banking zone  have better career as because in this zone you will get good salary package and many other facilities like traveling, house rent etc.

Do banks offer insurance?


In  extensive, nearly all banks carry FDIC insurance for their depositors. However, there are two circumstance to that coverage. The thing  is that only the  depository accounts, such as checking, savings, bank money market accounts, and CDs are covered.